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Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a powerful and transformative healing experience and can serve as a cost-effective alternative to individual treatment or a helpful adjunct to individual therapy. Group therapy offers benefits above and beyond individual treatment alone. Within a supportive an emphatic environment, group members can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their interpersonal dynamics. Group therapy can facilitate a sense of belonging and connection as group members realize that they are not alone in their struggles. Group therapy can also encourage emotional release and compassionate support, foster a safe space for vulnerability, and provide a platform to share ideas and information about symptoms, challenges, and goals. 


I offer video-based group psychotherapy to clients located across the state of Maryland. Group therapy typically involves multiple group members who share similar goals (e.g., regular mindfulness practice, anger management). The cost of group therapy varies depending on the duration and nature of the group. Beginning in January 2023,  I will be offering a bi-weekly mindfulness practice group and a weekly anger management group. Click “More Info” to learn more about these groups.

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