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My Training and Education

I earned my PhD in clinical psychology and behavioral medicine from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. During the course of my training, I completed an APA approved pre-doctoral internship in comprehensive mental health care and an APA-approved postdoctoral fellowship in substance use at the VA hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. I also served as a research fellow for the National Institute on Aging for 6 years. Prior to bringing my work to the community, I provided mental health care to veterans struggling with serious mental illness (SMI) as a staff psychologist with the VA Maryland Healthcare System. 

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August 2021

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

PhD, Human Services Psychology 


Concentration: Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Medicine


Dissertation Topic: Examining the relationship between intimate partner violence perpetration and cognitive function among a community sample of urban-dwelling adults     

May 2013


Middle Tennessee State University 

MA, Clinical Psychology      

Concentration: Clinical Neuropsychology

Master's Thesis Topic: Functions of nonsuicidal self-injury- Comparing those with and without a history of physical intimate partner violence

December 2010

University of North Alabama

BA, Psychology and Sociology 

Minor: Women's Studies 


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